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Memory Care Kits

The Memory Care Kits at the Bowen Library are designed to stimulate the brain activity in people experiencing cognitive decline, including memory loss and forms of dementia like Alzheimer’s disease.

Each kit includes games, puzzles, books, art projects, sing-along music, and other fulfilling activities that are designed for the person’s success. They are meant to be explored together with a caregiver, and encourage social connection, exercise the mind, and help the user retain skills.

Anyone with a library card may check out a Memory Care Kit, or place a hold from our catalogue. The lending period is 3 weeks.

For help learning how to use Memory Care Kits, have a look at the videos below, provided courtesy of Prince George Public Library (kit contents and lending information may differ from those available at the Bowen Library):

Many thanks to the Friends of Bowen Island Library Society for the funding to support the creation of our Memory Care Kits.