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Books for Babies

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Have you welcomed a baby in 2021? Come by the library to receive a FREE Books for BC Babies package. Reading, talking, singing and having conversations with newborns are the best ways to build early language and literacy skills. Research confirms that this strong foundation is critical to a child’s ability to thrive and succeed in school and in life. There is no easier way to get started than with a free Books for BC Babies bag from the Bowen Island Public Library.

How to Promote Literacy from Birth

Read, Talk and Sing! Learning to read starts from birth. Babies are auditory learners; they need to hear and use sounds to learn. Back-and-forth actions between you and your baby are a simple but powerful way to help brain development. When you share books, words, and songs, you and your baby are involved in dozens of back-and-forth interactions. These moments are essential to building the strong attachments that ensure your baby feels safe, secure and ready to learn.

Talk and Sing

  • Talk about what’s going on. Whether you’re changing a diaper or taking a walk, use words to describe the actions and things around you. This will help your baby develop vocabulary before they can even talk.
  • Sing songs and use rhymes. Music makes words easier to remember, and is a fun way to make language come alive. Singing also slows down language so babies hear the different sounds that make up words.
  • Once your baby starts talking, help them learn the words for the things around them. By labeling and repeating words, you’ll help your child build their vocabulary.

Share Books and Stories

  • Nurture a love of reading by making books and stories a part of your routine. Even very young babies love picture books.
  • Repeat! Babies love hearing the same story repeatedly. Repetition allows them to internalize the story and master its pieces.
  • Encourage your baby to participate. Have them help turn the pages and ask them questions about the story and pictures. This helps them understand how books and stories “work”.
  • Most importantly: Have fun! Cuddle, make eye contact, laugh and use silly voices as you enjoy books and conversations with your baby.
  • Visit the public library. Even babies can get a library card! The library has free programs for babies and young children that use books, rhymes, and songs.