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Computer & Internet Use

Use a Computer

The library provides two free public internet access computers. Black-and-white printing is available at a charge of 20 cents per page. Please check in with staff at the front desk to book a computer to use.

You can book a computer for 45 minutes. If no one is waiting to use the computer after you, you are welcome to use it for longer.

Learn more about our printing, photocopying, faxing, and scanning options available.

Use Our Wireless Internet

We have wireless internet (WiFi) available for patrons to use from their devices. The network is called “Bowen Island Public Library”. No library account is needed to access our wireless network.

About These Services

The Library does not monitor, control, or block access to websites, nor is it responsible for the nature, content, or accuracy of any internet resource that is accessed by a patron while using library services or on library grounds.

We expect internet and electronic device users to respect the library’s policies including: respecting the privacy of others, not interfering with the use and enjoyment of the library by other patrons, and not using excessive bandwidth or downloading excessive amounts of data so as to interfere with or limit others’ use of the internet.

Read the library’s full Use of Internet and Personal Electronic Devices (PDF) policy.