Bowen-Wide Scavenger Hunt

How it works:

Every week a clue will be released about the location of a secret word hidden somewhere on Bowen Island (the word will be on a bright orange sign like the one below). Each week, follow the clues to find the words and keep track of every word you find! Find all 6 words, and unscramble them to uncover the secret phrase. Bring the phrase to the library before August 23rd at 3:00 pm to unlock your prize of an ice cream party! 

Ready to get started?! Here are the riddles so far:

1. I move a lot, but can’t travel anywhere; when on me, you feel like you’re flying in the air. Pump with your legs and you’ll go high, you might just feel like you can touch the sky.

2. Splish splash sounds of borrowed paddles take you away, I read the same forwards and backwards- now be on your way!

3. Cars drive right by me when boarding the ferry,

served up with cheese or say no to the dairy;

either way, with a taste this nice,

you’ll know you’re in…

4. You can walk around me, but not on me. Follow the boardwalk from under the trees and into the sun. You’ll find me where you take a rest to catch your breath. Go on, take a seat, the scenery in this spot is really quite neat. 

5. I make things that are lovely and sweet, really my tastiness cannot be beat. I’ll give you a hint, to this I’ll say, remembering the directions on a compass will help you on your way. 

6. In the past, I’ve held Bowfest bashes and Canada Day hurray; now I hold a secret with something to say!