Renovation 2017

Reno iconThank you all for your patience during our renovation closure. We re-opened on December 12.

The library has had a refresh in preparation for the opening of the Cove Commons addition. We moved our circulation desk to better align with revised access to the library via the Cove Commons. The main front door remains as an entrance, but an additional entrance is on the north side of the new addition, along with the book return.

We replaced some carpet, renovated the children’s area, moved our information and circulation desk, and created a teen area.

Over the coming months, as our budget allows, we will add more finishing details to the renovation and to the Annex in the Cove Commons. As we use the space and look at access and function we welcome your feedback on what works and where we could improve.

Drop us a line at if you have feedback to share.

 Returning items

Now that the Cove Commons has opened the after-hours book return is permanently located on the north side of the library building beside the new entrance door to the Annex and Cove Commons. During the library’s open hours the book return slot is locked, so please bring your materials inside the library to return when we’re open.

Many thanks.