Seed Library

Find the Bowen Island Seed Library display inside the Bowen Island Public Library during our open hours.

  • Please take only what you need
  • Seeds are free but please let some of the plants go to seed, save seeds, and donate seeds for future gardeners!
  • The library will accept donations of cash, seeds (homegrown or store-bought), and bulk seeds to keep this initiative going. It is preferred that donations are in individual packages, but volunteers will put seeds into packages if you are unable to. We accept open-pollinated (non-hybrid/F1) seeds.


Keep the Seed Library Going!

Grow Your Plants. Research what your seeds will need to grow successfully & let some of each of your plants go to seed naturally.

Learn to Save Seed. Harvest, dry, and package the seeds.

Stay Organized. Label envelopes with the date and seed type.

Store Seeds & Keep Them Dry. Place the envelopes inside Mason jars (or any type of glass jar that has a tight-fitting lid). To soak up any moisture, place a silica gel packet or some raw rice in your glass jar and replace it every six months. Keep jars in a cool, dry, dark location. If you store the seeds properly, they should remain viable for at least 1-3 years (or longer, but the germination rate diminishes over time.)

Donate Your Extra Seeds back to the Seed Library! Package them in small envelopes labeled with the seed type and year harvested. We have envelopes available if you require, or fold your own from squares of paper. Alternately, bring in bulk seeds and we can package them for you.


logos for Bowen Library, Bowen Island Community School, and Bowen Agriculture Alliance

The Bowen Island Seed Library is made possible thanks to a collaboration between the Bowen Island Public Library and volunteers from Bowen Agricultural Alliance, the Bowen Island Community School Student Garden Club, the Bowen Gardeners Facebook group—and you!