Nidus: Myths & Realities of Planning

Updated October 19, 2019

October 24, 2019 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Bowen Library - Annie Laurie Wood Annex

Please arrive a few minutes early. The live webinars start promptly at 7 pm.

What are the essential legal documents in BC for those who want to plan for incapacity, for end-of-life, and for after death? This presentation gives an overview of Representation Agreements, Enduring Powers of Attorney, and Wills. Learn how Personal Planning (making arrangements while you are alive) is different from Estate Planning (making arrangements for after death). Find out how to make your documents and where to register them.

Click here to see info on our other Nidus event, “Consent: What is BC Law for Health Care?”


Get Help with Personal Planning for End of Life, Incapacity, Health Issues, and More

By the Bowen Island Public Library
For release: October 17, 2019

Planning for end-of-life, incapacity, and other health-related situations can be a daunting task. Fortunately, another October Personal Planning Month is upon us, and like last year, the Bowen Library is partnering with personal planning experts Nidus to get you the information you seek. The Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre is a BC non-profit, charitable organization and is currently the only community-based resource in Canada devoted to personal planning

In “The Myths & Realities of Planning,” the first of two live Nidus webinars presented in the Library Annex, learn about the essential legal documents in BC for those who want to plan for incapacity, end-of-life, and after death. These include Representation Agreements, Enduring Powers of Attorney, and Wills. We meet on Thursday, October 24, (7-8:30 pm), and Nidus will outline for us how Personal Planning is different from Estate Planning, show you how to make your documents, and where to register them.

The second presentation, on Tuesday, October 29, (7-8:30 pm), covers BC law and consent, which is fundamental to encounters with the health care and residential care systems. Since 2000, BC has had specific legislation about health care consent and Representation Agreements for making a legally-binding document in case of incapacity, at end-of-life, and for other support needs. However, there can be much confusion about non-legal documents such as living wills, the Do-Not-Resuscitate form and Levels of Care forms, including MOST (medical orders for scope of treatment). At this live webinar presentation, learn what *is* law in BC.

Never watched a live webinar before? Think of it like attending a projected Power-Point presentation, but the speaker is in another room (in Vancouver!). The speaker, in this case, is Joanne Taylor, Executive Director of Nidus. Joanne has over 20 years’ experience helping people make, register, and use Representation Agreements and other personal planning documents. Do bring a notebook because her slides and presentations are full of useful details.

What’s special is the “live” aspect: anyone attending has the opportunity to ask Joanne questions after the 1-hour presentation; you write them down, we type them in, and Joanne answers them there and then.

But if you’re not able to attend, you can get all this information and more from Nidus in a couple of other ways, all through their website: Register to view any of their four live October webinar topics from home (click on PPM2019), and find written and video-format information on a variety of topics on their site.

Nidus is a non-profit, charitable organization operating since 1995 and is a leader in providing information and resources on personal planning topics. It is independent of private interests (e.g. legal professionals, estate planners, financial institutions) and of government.

Join us on Thursday, October 24, (7-8:30 pm) and/or Tuesday, October 29, (7-8:30 pm) and take the mystery out of personal planning! No registration required, but do please arrive 5-10 minutes early as the webinar starts promptly at 7 pm.

The Library thanks the Bowen Island Literacy Task Group for supporting this program. Go to for information on these and other free Library events.