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Donated Materials

Last Updated August 12, 2020

All gifts become the property of the Bowen Island Public Library, and donations may be added to the collection at the Library’s discretion. Bowen Library does not guarantee the inclusion nor the permanence of a donation in our collection. Most donations go to our Friends of the Library for inclusion in their mini bookstore or their

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Last Updated July 6, 2015

Bowen Library Charitable Foundation

Last Updated January 11, 2018

The Bowen Island Public Library Foundation is a registered charitable foundation that supports the activities of the Bowen Island Library. The Foundation is governed by a board of directors and can issue tax receipts for donations of $50 or more made to the Library. For more detailed information about the Foundation you can read the

Contact Form

Last Updated July 28, 2015

See our library hours and contact information.


Last Updated December 17, 2020

Thank you to all our donors! Your contributions benefit the entire community. Donations can be made to the Bowen Island Public Library Foundation (the Foundation) by credit card by clicking on the “Donate Now” button below, or by cash or cheque through the mail or in person.  Tax receipts are issued for donations of $20

Volunteering Information

Last Updated March 12, 2021

**For safety reasons, during COVID-19 our volunteer program is suspended.** Volunteerism has always been at the heart of Bowen Public Library. Started by the volunteer Ladies Auxilliary of the Legion in the early 1960’s, Bowen Library has grown into a thriving and much valued community resource that continues to be supported by numerous volunteers.  From

Friends of the Library

Last Updated August 27, 2018

The Friends of the Library are an advocacy and fundraising group for the Bowen Island Library who fund a variety of programs and purchases for the library. Their primary source of fundraising is the annual book sale known as BookFest. The Friends are credited with establishing the first official government funded library on Bowen Island

Strategic Plan

Last Updated February 23, 2021

Current Strategic Plan Strategic Plan 2021 Previous Strategic Plans Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020 Bowen Library Strat Plan Update 2015 Bowen Library Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016 Bowen Library Strategic Plan 2009 – 2014

Annual Reports

Last Updated December 15, 2020

Bowen Library 2019 Annual Report (PDF) Bowen Library 2018 Annual Report (PDF) Bowen Library 2017 Annual Report (PDF) Bowen Library 2016 Annual Report (PDF) Bowen Library 2015 Annual Report (PDF) Bowen Library 2014 Annual Report (PDF) Bowen Library 2013 Annual Report (PDF) Bowen Library 2012 Annual Report (PDF) Bowen Library 2011 Annual Report (PDF) Bowen


Last Updated November 4, 2013

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