Room Rentals

There are 2 library spaces available for rentals:

  • Annie Laurie Wood Annex (the Annex) – maximum 50 people seated and up to 65 standing.
  • Flex Room – up to 15 people seated in rows, maximum 12 seated at tables.
    • (There is also a full kitchen available for rental with either the Annex or the Flex Room)

The rooms are available for rental by outside groups and individuals when not required for library use.

Space may be held pending payment. Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of full rental payment.


Annie Laurie Wood Annex (24′ x 27′)
Square footage Capacity Non-profit rate Commercial Rate Private Individual
648 sf

40-50 seated

65 standing

$25/hr $40/hr $30/hr



The Flex Room (11′ x 13′)
Square Footage Capacity Non-Profit Rate Commercial Rate Private Individual
145 sf 10 to 15 $10 $25/hr $15/hr