Room Rentals

There are 2 library spaces available for rentals – the Annie Laurie Wood Annex (the Annex) and the Flex Room.  The rooms are available for rental by outside groups and individuals when not required for library use.

The Annex can accommodate up to 60 people seated and up to 75 standing. The Flex Room has room for up to 15 people seated. There is also a full kitchen available for rental with either the Annex or the Flex Room.

The information package is available here and must be read before booking.

To check if a room is available please email with your dates and times.

Once an available time is confirmed, you will need to fill out the application form and submit it to

The completed application form is only a tentative booking until a confirmation is sent and the rental fee is paid.

fullsizeoutput_944The Annie Laurie Wood Annex

fullsizeoutput_943The Flex Room